Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Poker is War in Disguise of a Sport

Poker is war in disguise of a sport. Loved the cheekiness with which Pokabunga’s website screamed out the dictum. The war cry may not be candid but the stealth and the aggression is inherent in the game and its players. The more I play Poker, the more its striking similarity to the odds of life amazes me.

You may have a very high Internal Locus of Control, yet you accede to the cards life has dealt to you. It is up to you to make the most of the cards dealt to you. Survival of the Fittest may be flawed you say. A Poker Player would chant Survival of the Smartest. Your best cards can be grounded to dust if you are outsmarted. Your worst cards can turn to a gold mine if you play your moves smart.

You know your odds are the Table cards start unrevealing themselves. Probabilities change with each open card. So does the player’s psyche. The seven sins gets activated as the players struggle and learn to deal with them. Freud’s Id and Super Ego have a constant tussle like War. Poker is simply a game of training your Ego and making it stronger by the day to deal with life’s challenges and the war that is survival.
Playing Poker is learning to Survive. Better.

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