Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fear has a Large Shadow

I thought I was playing with the sharks last night but before not too long, my vanity took over. Playing with the regular Hyderabad Circuit players, it was a table set for four.

A thousand chips buy-in and I scored the high card for the dealer. A sip of the beer and a raise after the big blind, figured Pee (Yeah, well), the guy on my right, was eliminating the non-significant hands. Competition was now limited to the face cards, pocket pairs and straights and flush hands. The Small Blind, Cee, folded yet the pot was big stakes this game. Pee lost out eventually to a bad beat on a flush on the River to Moi. I could eat the sharks too… Guess, I always knew that :P

Caught Pee’s bluff in another game on the turn card, yet challenged him till the River killed every odd. I folded when he raised after the river, looked him in the eye and both of us smiled at the same time- Boy, I knew what you were doing but my stars were not in my cards…The mischievous glint in our eyes crossed each other’s, and I knew I had established myself as an authority at the table. And as far as I am concerned, fear is good. And making the sharks fear you, is very good.

Next target: Straddle

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