Friday, July 24, 2009

Yet another Babu Basher!

This blog has been inactive for a while. Now that I am reveling in that beautiful phase of life which is the blogging universe's delight- read unemployment, this blog shall see the light of the day once again. And yes, I am a civilized citizen of this blogging universe and like every good civilized citizen I shall respect the rituals of the blogosphere. So, I commence to do the.back-from-the-dead Shree-Ganesh of this blog with the customary hows and whats and whys.

I used to work as a writer. Yes, I am one of those few neuron-damaged people who think they can make a living out of putting words in perfect grammatical sentences. Having dabbled in a fair bit of freelance writing for some magazines, I worked for a while as a web content developer. I was hired on the proposal that I would be given charge of an orphaned political blog. Instead, I was asked to write ‘well-researched’ articles on ‘Top ten ways to get bitten by a dog’ and ‘Top ten ways to be sad’. I was witnessing commercialization of writing in its crudest form and was being made a victim of the ‘show me the money’ game. Well, the plea of the directors couldn’t be ignored and I decided that charity- (read: not-for-profit writing) was the best way to keep alive the human in me.

So ‘ByMerlin' shall celebrate its return-to-life birthday on 24th July 2009. How does this blog promise to be different from the rest? Well, it doesn’t. Like the others in its realm, it, too, will indulge in self-righteous talk proclaiming the ludicrousness of others while offering no solutions of its own. It will often broach highly controversial subjects, delve into trivial inconsequential details and avoid sensitivity talks. It will call a man a man, a woman a woman and Karan Johar Karan Johar. It will accept only love mail with open hands and trash the rest. And yes, it will make the mistake of revealing that the author is a woman.

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