Friday, July 24, 2009

How dare you, you Yanks!

Dr. Abdul Kalam was recently frisked at the Indira Gandhi International Airport on a Newark-bound flight. FYI, Newark is not an indigenous spelling of New York, but a town in the latter. Anyway, the subject of the article is not a certain part of the huge North American country nor the U.S. flight which indulged in this allegedly 'preposterous' gimmick. If it was the airline's intention to grab a little attention though, it surely succeeded.

What IS preposterous about the whole episode,however, is the reaction of our beloved Ex-President. He has demanded an apology from the airline for treating him like a civilian passenger. He was after all the 'ex' de-facto supreme commander of the armed forces of the country. Our now jobless ex-president, tired of attending ribbon-cutting invitations at school annual functions and science laboratories, is now resorting to unworthy acts in order to be back in the limelight once again. Our Parlimentarian babus, always happy to oblige, cannot stop singing 'Amen! So be it!'

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