Thursday, April 17, 2008

I can feel the sun

It had rained heavily last evening and spanned throughout the night, but as I stepped outside my house porch today, well into the morning, the weather was wornful and sultry. I foreboded the tan my brown skin would cruelly be subject to, despite having worn a full sleeved red and white striped cotton shirt, acclaimed to be the best sun tan protection by grandma. the sun's protracted glare was mockery towards my incessant attempts to attain snow white's complexion, even as I constantly tried to remind myself of the dichotomy of the Indian cliché with the west's fascination of the tanned skin that was, though I would but have got grade A if not higher in fairness by brown Indian skin standards. Just as I was contemplating discarding this thought for the time being, as i had graver issues to burden my seventeen year old Saturday morning mind with, I couldn’t help seeing the reflections of a more universal nature in this phenomenon, the Idolization, in whatever degree of introspective abstract, of the ruler, the powerful, and on the other hand the complex and successful seeking refuge with the simple, as the wise Wilde had put it," simplicity is the ultimate respite of the complex."

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