Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cost cutting at the Congress

Recession blues have not left our political parties untouched. Latest in line to be contemplating cost-cutting schemes is the Congress. At a working committee meeting recently, the top brass of the Congress leaders set dishing out tips to cut costs. No first class air tickets, no lavish offices, no stupendous salaries, no free chai in the afternoon, blah blah blah… The CWC, congress working committee, insists that it is their way of expressing solidarity with the aam aadmi who is feeling the pinch of the hard times and crying where-is-all-the-money.

The members of the Congress recently pledged their approval to the ‘you suffer, we suffer’ initiative of the CWC and promised to

- keep their money locked in Fixed deposits schemes in Swiss banks and not indulge in any immediate withdrawals
- hold on to their lands and not engage in any immediate real estate transactions,
preserve the gold and diamond jewellery of their wives and daughters for the next season,
- reduce party spending on all internal affairs and let interest accumulate on the corpus
- Lead the lives of a pauper and propogate the selfless behaviour of the Congress workers who want to understand the plight of the aam aadmi by cost cutting and
- Not talk about how the saved money will be used for the benefit of the aam aadmi.

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