Monday, August 27, 2007

Orkut treats

Some personalised friend requests can be really amusing. Here's a sample:

Hai Nalini, So You Looks very Interesting Personality by your Profile , Your way of writing words & attitute & Specialy by your Community....When I saw The Community that is "Military Technology"...You're the first on my eyes Nalini , that a Girl like this Community & She's from India thats really very impressive...Thats why I need to know you & Want you to be my Orkut Friend..
But if you truely like me as your Orkut Friend too....So First you've to take clear & deep look into my Profile , Pics , Specialy My Commnunity...Its must be given you a cleart views about me , who I am , what I need & Want from a Person whos in the Orkut & why Im inside the Orkut , My taste...everthing that essentials for knowing the person truely by words....

Now its upto you Nalini...what you gonna do

Mr. X (name omitted)

ROTF! I am a person who generally admires hard work.. inspite of that Mr. X , if you ever read this post, i am really sorry i couldnt bring myself to accept your friend request

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Vamsi said...

Can you be my friend too on Orkut pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D