Friday, April 20, 2007

Master of the game

Long family lineages remind of Sidney Sheldon. If you fail to see the relation, most probably you have not read ‘Master of the game’. The only masterpiece of Sidney Sheldon and his only work I would recommend. It happens to be the first Sheldon I had read and all his other books after that seem to me to be scripts of C grade A rated movies. And no, Master of the Game’s no book you’d give to an underrated child still. It does have a generous demonstration of Sheldon’s most prized art (else, how in the name of Merlin, would his books sell?), but as a bonus, this one also has a soul thats not prostituted. It’s a wonderful tale spanning three or four generations, I forget how many, and has insightful accounts of various kinds of human personalities and how their interplay defines destinies.
It’s a pity Sheldon exhausted his genius with one book.

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V said...

Am there along with u on the "Sidney Sheldon sucks" The reason he is as famous and has sold as many books u already mentioned.. all his plots are the same.. I seriosuly pity all those template writers.. and by merlin!! even more pitiable are the ppl who read them.. Another famous single template writer is Dan Brown.. THe only books of Sidney Sheldon which slightly enthused me was Sands of time.. Hvnt read this one u mentioned though... But we need not worry no more.. God has taken hsi good soul away after more than 90 years of struggle..Amen